Nov 10

Finishing up on chapter 9 we examine the ministry of Kefa (Peter). Here we see him, through the power of the Lord, healing Aeneas and raising Tavita (Tabitha, Dorcas) from the dead. This teaching is as much an examination of Kefa's character as it is about his ministry opportunities. 

We end the sermon with an in depth look at Acts 9:43. Here Kefa stays for some time with a tanner named Shimon. Most people would ignore that statement but Rabbi Frank gives an in-depth look at what a tanner is in Yeshua's time and how Israeli society and religious beliefs of that time viewed a tanner (unclean). The result of the examination again highlights the depth of how much the Lord transformed Kefa's (Peter's) life and how willing he was to associate with undesirable people.

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