Sep 15

Continuing the message given on August 18: "What is Repentance", elder Allan Nemer extends the message into the rest of our lives. Repentance is a lifelong process which means, according to scripture: Count the cost, pick up your execution stake (cross), and run the race to *finish*. Thereby receiving your reward when you stand in His presence in Heaven. In light of important events of the last several weeks in the body of Messiah, these concepts become even more important. This sermon was given during our Saturday Shabbat Service on September 14, 2019.

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Aug 18

What is repentance? What does it mean for our lives and our eternal souls/destiny? The speaker, Elder Allan Nemer, was convicted by the Lord a few years ago about having wrong and unscriptural beliefs and worldviews. He has spent the last few years making major changes to his beliefs and views to make sure they conform to scripture. This sermon is therefore deeply personal to him having lived through a long period of repentance and prays that it is also instructional for others in the body of Messiah. This message was given during our Saturday Shabbat Service on August 17, 2019.

Two short YouTube video clips are mentioned in the beginning of this sermon. The teacher is theologian Sinclair Ferguson.

They are:

1 - A  Strong Foundation by Sinclair Ferguson (2:16)

2 - What is the best way to describe repentance to an unbeliever by Sinclair Ferguson (1:23) turn up the sound on this one

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Oct 13

Yom Kippur Message about repentance and how to deal with it. This message was given by our shammash (Deacon) Barbara Yasger during our evening Yom Kippur service on October 11, 2016.

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Oct 05

Rosh Hashanah message given by an elder in our congregation, Allan Nemer. This message was given during a special evening service on Rosh Hashanah, October 2, 2016.

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Sep 02

This message was given by Barbara Yasger during our Saturday Shabbat Service on August 15, 2015

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Oct 30

In God's eyes, how good is good enough? Can our good works get us into heaven. What does the Tenach have to say on this issue? This message was given by Lonnie Bradshaw, during our Yom Kippur/Kol Nidre service on October 7 ,2011.

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Jun 05

Messianic Rabbi Bruce Neiger gives a powerful message on the importance of examining ourselves in the light of scripture, learn to mature and grow in the Lord. Eventually as we mature we will see Yeshua reflected back in the mirror, not our old nature. This message was given on May 21, 2011 during our Saturday Shabbat Service.

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Apr 19

A call to examine our lives to see if we are walking in God's direction according to the Bible. This is a powerful and straightforward message that prods us in the direction of taking a look at our lives to see if we have lost our first love. This message was given by Paul Gunderson during our Saturday Shabbat Service. At the end of the message Paul read the lyrics and played the song "When I think about the Lord" by Shane Barnard. Due to copyright laws the lyrics and song is not part of this podcast. We strongly recommend you find your own copy and play it after the podcast of this message is done.

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May 16

A study on the subject of repentance, what is true repentance, and the need for a complete repentance. This sermon was given by Associate Messianic Rabbi Bruce Neiger on 9/22/2007, during our Yom Kippur Day Service.

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