Oct 13

The Fear of God/Fear of the Lord is one of the more important topics in scripture. Depending on who is doing the counting, there are between 150 and 400 references to the topic in one form or another in scripture. Yet this topic is becoming increasingly ignored in many congregations. This teaching by Elder Allan Nemer moves through several of the scriptures to help you start to learn what it means and how it will affect everything we do in life. 

Some of the ideas and concepts in this study came from a book by Jerry Bridges (now with the Lord) from the Navigators, a discipleship ministry. It is a book this speaker recommends. Book Link: The Joy of Fearing God by Jerry Bridges

This message was given by Elder Allan Nemer during our Saturday Shabbat Service on October 12, 2019

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Oct 06

Continuing through the Book of Acts - chapter 9. We continue discussing not only Paul's seeing the Lord in a vision resulting in his salvation and transformation. but the other times Paul testified about the vision. We also discuss Yeshua's Bat Kol (pronounced Baht Kohl - the audible voice of the Lord) times when the audible voice of the Lord was heard. This is a rare circumstance that can only be done at the Lord's will and timing, not by man, it will glorify the Lord not man, and will always line up with scripture. Even today, a few unsaved Jews and Arabs have received a Bat Kol, resulting in their immediate salvation and transformation. 

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