Jan 31

Understanding the relationship between the Law and the New Covenant. This message, by Rabbi Jeff Forman, was given at the 2009 IAMCS Rabbi's Conference in January 2009. We received permission from Rabbi Forman to podcast this message. It is an important and foundational message that is given in response to a controversial teaching, particularly in Hebrew Roots circles, called "One Law, One People."

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Jan 10

The meaning of being an ambassador in the Kingdom of G-d. Part of Associate Messianic Rabbi Bruce Neiger's series of teachings on the Kingdom of God. This message was given on Saturday January 10, 2009 during our Saturday Shabbat Service.

Note: There is a little ringing in the beginning but mostly disappears after a few minutes.

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Jan 03

A basic primer on the Kingdom of God, what is expected of its citizens and how it is to be manifested in our lives on this earth. This message was given by Associate Messianic Rabbi Bruce Neiger on January 3, 2009.

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