Jun 09

Special Speaker Mike Natt speaks on the topic of "The Word and the Spirit". We must learn to be like Miriam (Mary) and sit at the L-rd's feet and listen to His words. This message was given on June 7, 2008.

Mike is a Jewish believer who grew up in New York City. Mike came to faith and was filled with the Holy Spirit in 1970. He served as an elder at City Hill Fellowship in Minneapolis for 12 years and ministered the Word in various churches. He pioneered a Messianic work in the Twin Cities (the predecessor to our congregation) and led a church plant in New York for 2 years. Mike has taught the Word of God for 35 years. Mike is a GateKeepers Prophetic Minister and serves as an elder at All Nations Church in Phoenix, a church that has a vision for planting churches among unreached people groups. His ministry passions are prayer and the ministry of the Word. Mike earned his B.A. degree in Organizational Studies from Bethel University, and M.A. degree in Human Resource Development from St. Thomas University. Mike has been married to Cheryl for 34 years, and they have 2 grown daughters.

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Technical note: there is ringing for the first minute or so but it improves after that.

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