Apr 27

One of the attributes of God's nature is His faithfulness. Understanding His faithfulness is part of the process of getting to know Him. This sermon was delivered by Associate Messianic Rabbi Bruce Neiger on 4/26/2008.

Technical note: There is some ringing during the first 3-4 minutes.

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Apr 26

To have trust (faith) in God means we have to get to know Him. It is hard to have trust (faith) in someone if we don't spend time with them. This sermon, delivered by Associate Messianic Rabbi Bruce Neiger, examines one of the most well known of God's Attributes: Love. This sermon was given on 9/1/2007.

At the end of the sermon, Rabbi Bruce reads an article titled: A Father's Love Letter: An Intimate Message from God to You. If you want your own copy please click on the just mentioned article title to go to our congregational website podcast resources page and download it. Look for a link with the same name.

Technical note: There is ringing for the first minute but it disappears.

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Apr 13

We need to know the L-rd. There is much in Scripture that tells us who the L-rd is. It is His word that helps us in our quest to get to know the L-rd. God is Sovereign in the universe, in this world and in our lives. What does this mean for us as followers of Yeshua? Associate Messianic Rabbi Bruce Neiger delivers a powerful message that you might need to play back more than once. This message was delivered in 2007

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