To the Jew First Unique Signs of the End of Time in Our Time
Oct 17

We are disciples of Yeshua. He calls us to be obedient to His Word and to the commands He gives us each day. Yet He also calls us to have a daily relationship with Him and with each other. We want revival in our lives and in our congregations. In all these things what is the cost for all these things to successfully come to pass? What is the cost of the righteousness that He has imputed to us?

This podcast is an edited version of the original. Some content at the end was cut out. After the message we had a corporate "quiet time" with the Lord where we played 20 minutes of soft instrumental worship. We had to edit that out due to copyright laws. However we strongly recommend that you find your favorite instrument worship music and do the same.

To read a document version of this sermon go to our Podcast Resources at and click on the link "The Cost of Righteousness"

This message was given on October 11, 2008 by Paul Gunderson, a deacon in our congregation.

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