Let Your Light Shine Truth in the Power of the Holy Spirit
Apr 18

After the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt, the L-rd deliberately led them to the sea. Scripture records that the L-rd told them to "Go Forward" and cross the sea. Despite all the signs and wonders, they were still unable to trust the L-rd for His deliverance.

The same issues apply to us as followers of Y'shua. The Lord has delivered us from our "Egypt" and is telling us to "Go Forward." Yet, like the children of Israel, we are letting our circumstances and fears stop us from fulfilling His calling on our lives.  Yet, despite all of our circumstances and fears, He is still telling us to "Go Forward." This message was given by Associate Messianic Rabbi Bruce Neiger on 4/18/2009 during our Saturday Shabbat Service.

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